My Story

My Story

If you’ve had many highs and lows, a rollercoaster of ups and downs, then you will be able to relate. For a long time, life felt like an ongoing battle. Seeking to find inner peace and stability. I went up and down on a merry go round of happiness, sadness, deep depressions and highs and lows. I went to some extreme rock bottom moments where I wanted to give up. It was in these moments of darkness that I found a huge source of power. I realized that often in these moments, we are alone, or at least we feel quite alone, and it’s our minds that we need to be our best friends to help us through. I became obsessed with meditation and mindfulness as I discovered the power of the mind, the ability we have to choose our own thoughts, to alter our emotional state and powerfully create the reality of our own life.

Despite reaching many moments of despair…
I stayed committed to my purpose and never stopped believing in my personal victory. I enlisted the support of inspirational coaches, mentors, and teachers. I humbled myself to always be the student at life. I decided to never stop learning, never stop growing. I was able to transform every area of my life. I knew I deserved so much more but mostly wanted to be able to give so much more. The drive to be of service to humanity, to help others, is what made me never give up. I decided one day I was never going to work for anyone else again, except myself, to follow my dream. I started my own successful business and never looked back. I began making a positive difference in the lives of many, every day, choosing to be of service. I knew I would not be satisfied in life until I was helping many others on their journey, and making a truly positive impact in this world. So here I am sharing my love, my story and my tools I learned along the way.

And Now…
We are living with an everyday miracle. And that is our very own mind. Each day we can choose. We can choose what we will think about, how we will respond to events and circumstances. and we can choose our emotions. We can choose how we want to feel. Just by making a decision. To be happy. To love ourselves and others. To believe in ourselves, our dreams, our success. To make a positive contribution to the world. A beautiful life begins with a beautiful mind. “To live in a beautiful state, every day,” Tony Robbins says is the most important decision to make. With the support of mindfulness, meditation and powerful positive psychology, there are no limits.

We can change the world