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Mindfulness can change your world Mindfulness starts very gently, just by focusing upon your breath.
There is no aim or goal, and you can’t get it wrong It’s a powerful tool in being present, centred and experiencing a calm clear mindset.


Mindfulness can help with your everyday functions and demands as a human being such as breathing, thinking, focusing, making decisions, communicating, taking action, working in a team, managing emotions and circumstances.


Mindfulness is now gaining much popularity and momentum with a great body of research coming to the light documenting the neuroscience & evidence of mindfulness and meditation; and the ways it can positively effecting the brain functions, brain chemistry, hormone levels, moods and health in general.


My passion is exploring the power of the mind, and using basic mindfulness and simple meditation practices to skyrocket personal health happiness and success. I’m a certified mindfulness instructor with ten years experience teaching. Please visit ichangedmymind.org to see my transformational range of guided mindfulness audios.