During my life I have successfully learned how to use mindfulness to grow through life challenges. Do you or your team experience high stress levels? Struggle to focus on tasks at hand? Getting overwhelmed with the to do list or just not finding the time?


Is anxiety and depression an issue with Staff or Class members? Or any other mental health issues that are causing negative impact or conflict? I have some proven strategies that can help.


I can assist you, your team, group, conference or event with some inspirational new perspectives and with some simple & practical mindfulness tools that bring a wealth of benefits.

My journey took me all around the world from delving deep into meditation in the ashrams of India to studying sound and music therapy at a progressive Institute in California. Determined to discover the most powerful methods on creating positive change in my and other peoples lives.


I spent the last twelve years exploring and training in many kinds of meditation and different therapeutic modalities. Leading meditation groups and events I was inspired by the power of focusing thoughts and feelings onto specific intentions and the transformational change that would take place as a result.

After teaching meditation to smaller groups and coaching mindfulness I became recognized as a leader and pioneer in the field. I was then invited to step up onto the stage and combine meditation with public speaking. I have lead many meditations and closing ceremonies at large scale events and festivals.


I have worked as a leader and advocate in the field of disability support and mental health. I’m a qualified mindfulness instructor in Stillness Based Mindfulness by the highly acclaimed Gawler Foundation VIC Australia and certified by Mindful Self Compassion by CBT Training NSW Australia.


As an Entrepreneur and Thought Leader I offer an inspired vision for the future of mindfulness & the possibilities we all have to change our minds and change our world.